September boxes have shipped...but you can still get one until the 24th September (unless we run out first!) start meow

Here's your sneak peek!

Our theme for September is Rainy Days and Sundays!  As the weather starts to turn we may find ourselves inside more and this box is filled with 5 activity based gifts just for you!  Kitties will recieve 3 gifts including two toys and a freshly baked treat!

Your sneak peek this month is one of the gifts that will be in this month's box.  STACK THE CATS!  This is a brilliant set of 12 handmade wooden cats that you can do all sorts of things with.  Stack them, paint them, hide them, make it a game (we are sure you can make a drinking game out if it)....let your imagination run wild.  The 12 pieces come in their own bag for safekeeping when you aren't stacking them.  Although we have our set on display all the time!

What do you think of this cute gift?  Remember, this box will also have 4 other activity based gifts.  Boxes will start shipping on the 20th but you have until the 25th to order yours (unless they run out first...)



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