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You're passionate about cats and NOT afraid to show it!

This month's box theme is CATWALK CATITUDE!    Today's modern cat lady is of, shall we say, a different breed. We are independent, sassy and sophisticated...much like the felines we adore. We aren't afraid to be labelled cat lovers and in fact, show it off for the world to notice. This month's box is all about the new modern classy cat lady who walks the catwalk with style and dignity...and now has the accessories to show it. We hope you love it!

Your SNEAK PEEK this month is this gorgeous scarf. Every cat lady needs a scarf and this one is HUGE measuring 180 x 80 cm!  It is silky soft but made of 100% vegan friendly polyester.  Comes in two colours (black & white or blue & pink)- you will get one.

What do you think about this gift?  Remember this is just one of the 5 gifts that will give you some cat lady style this spring.  And the optional cat gifts this month will give kitty some EASTER fun!

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