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My Purrfect Gift Box - One Time Purchase Box

£29.95 - £39.95
Box contents
Include cat gifts?

Product Description

You can purchase a My Purrfect Gift Box which includes up to 5 gifts. These boxes do not have any subscription commitment so are purrfect for trying out a box or for gift giving. You have three options for the contents of the box. 1) If you choose SURPRISE ME, we will add 5 gifts to your box from our current stock. 2) If you choose I WANT TO CHOOSE, please let us know which 5 gifts to include by typing them in the gift message box at checkout - otherwise, we will email you to determine the gifts to include 3) If you choose CURRENT BOX we will send you our next box. If you choose the Cat Gifts option, we will choose 3 gifts from our current stock.

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